About us

Welcome to The Green Exchange - Ebay for Wholesale Cannabis, B2B only.

The future of buying and selling Cannabis products and derivatives.  We’ve revolutionized the distribution system. Think Craigslist for Cannabis or Ebay without the miscellaneous fees.  Get started NOW creating those relationships with LICENSED companies up and down the cannabis food chain before the state requires you.  Sell direct to Farmers, Dispensaries and Manufacturers.  Buy directly from farmers and manufacturers.  The future is now, get on board before the train leaves without you.  Its simple. Start up an account and start buying and selling now.

We accommodate track and trace from seed to sale.  We accommodate testing.  Social Media is integrated.  Tweet all your followers your new listings and grow your business overnight.  We’re the most comprehensive and free platform available so go empower yourself.  

Know your farmer so you can know your medicine.  Transparency is the future.  Pick a farm you can get to know and don’t trust the process; regulations such as testing aren’t foolproof. 80% of products tested for a second time on dispensary shelves are contaminated.  Follow us on twitter and start tweeting your products today.

Why Use BGE?


  • Create a virtual storefront to build your brand.  Wholesale buyers and patients want to establish relationships with their producers and they want to know where their products came from and how they were made.  Transparency and trust is key.  

  • Market your auction via Social Media (Twitter).  Tweet the auction to our 4000+ followers representing farms, manufacturers and dispensaries all over California Leveraging Social Media means better value, increased sales and building your brand!

  • Sell your product in real-time in the online marketplace.  Get real-time bids and see what your competition is selling.  More information means better decisions. Ability of transacting on a live system allows you to cut transportation costs. Buyers have better and safer access to medicine with less monkey motion.

  • Ability for Sellers to order a lab report.  Ordering lab reports from known, trusted labs allows for buyers to feel more comfortable that what they are getting is what they wanted, a high quality and clean product.  Quality assurance with Integrated lab testing promotes healthy and sustainable growing standards.

  • Rating buyers and sellers allows for better long term quality checks and relationships.  Rate and comment on buyers and sellers on the Exchange, and know before your transaction what you can expect.

  • Transparency/Accountability - Know who, how and where your cannabis and derivatives were produced and build your brand!

  • Source products from many farms and dispensaries, offering better quality, better selection, better access, and better pricing.

  • Increase your footprint for selling your products.  Our online system allows you to meet buyers that are both local and across the state from you.  A bigger sales footprint means more sales.


How to use BGE?

IF YOU ARE A CULTIVATOR, CLICK ON SELL, and get your product listed.  

If you are a distributor, sell your product online today. 


Use the customer service bubble in the bottom right for help.

Twitter: @biggreenexchang


Last updated on : 03/07/2015