Doing business as a buyer.

If you are a buyer, the process works like this:

1. Setup an account

2. Verify your email address. If you have a problem verifying your email, check your SPAM folder and then add as a contact. See these instructions:


3. There are a few different types of auctions and some have lab reports and some do not. When bidding on an auction or using the "buy now" feature, you are bidding based on your own lab report being equal or better than a lab report that is being provided. When you win an auction, you should contact the seller immediately and request to have samples sent to the lab of your choice while providing a copy of your CA Rec ID and proof of permitting, licensing, or evidence of a business license.  It is your job to get the labs handled ASAP. If the seller is not responding, let us know the auction link and we will light a fire.

You have one week from the auction win to either accept or reject the lot. During this time you should get the sample tested.  If you are happy with your lab results and you choose to accept the lot, you then must arrange payment and delivery options with the seller.  If you are rejecting the lot, please email the lab report to with the link of the auction.


Last updated on : 02/10/2017