Doing business as a seller in CA.

If you are a seller, the process works like this:

1. Rgister an account with your temporary or permanent license# issued from BCC or CalCan and indicate license type.

2. Verify your email address. If you have a problem verifying your email, check your SPAM folder and then add as a contact. See these instructions:


3. List your products for sale.  Listings should have a detailed title and you should provide a lab report if one is available.  If you aren't a distributor, the distributor or distributor-transporter of the distributor will pickup your material, quarantine, and test it.  When the distributor receives the test results, they will be automatically improted into BGX and your auction will go live.

4.  During the auction, your auction will be automatically promoted on  You can also promote the link to your auction to any buyers that you think might be interested.  When the auction is completed, the distributor will contact the buyer, deliiver and collect funds.  The distributor will then detect taxes, test costs, and fees from your gross and you will be provided a settlement statement or receipt to show your taxes have been paid and cash or wire depending on how you want to be paid.  

5.  If the buyer rejects the lot on inspection, then the distributor will take the product back to its warehouse and the auction will go live again.  

6.  At the time of auction close you may be invoiced for the auction fee. This fee does not need to be paid until you have completed the transaction.  At that point you have 15 days to pay the invoice.  

If you have any problems, please contact




Last updated on : 02/10/2017